Fragglerock Crucifix

Fragglerock Crucifix was an ornery old elf which joined the party for their quest to slay the spirit of the Moor Maerey. He was thin and sour, with big ram horns and skinny goat legs. He once beat a gnome to death with a hickory switch and was not to be lightly fucked with.

He was heavily fucked with by a giant turtle, and is survived by Archibald Arborlax, a man of comparably old age and diametrically opposite nature, a fellow lover of porches unsullied by youths, magical pen-pal and inheritor of Fragglerock's purse and Codex.


Fragglerock participated in - and profited greatly from - the Sftabhmontown Adventurers' final expedition beneath the Moor Maerey, where they slew the spirit of the hills in a highly cinematic battle.

He then retreated into months of magical research, emerging having written the first chapters of his Codex and having also been cursed with aphasia.

He was cured of his aphasia by drowning, having been bitten nearly in half by Wiggles the giant turtle. Deagh the muscle wizard bravely swooped beneath the waves to retrieve the body and valuable Codex.

Fragglerock's substantial weath was nearly lost by his loyal retainer Lurm in the commotion. A confused and enraged Lurm had leapt from the boat in an attempt to knife Wiggles a new one - while wearing full plate armour. Lurm missed and promptly drowned.

Silent X - coincidentally the cause of Lurm's confusion - successfully picked Lurm's pocket before the valuables were lost at sea, lessening the momentary sense of loss.

Personal Life

Until taking up adventuring, Fragglerock lived mostly alone until he was recently harassed by some mean spirited elf kids (barely 1,000-some years old). They placed a vile enchantment upon Fragglerock's beloved front lawn: embedding a big stone thing which cannot be removed, except by the oldest and orneriest of elf magicians. Around this big stone thing were strewn several cursed empties, which would magically reappear somewhere else on the lawn if picked up or recycled. To rid his lawn of this eyesore Fragglerock pursues a legendary elven disenchantrix, Groundlingmarsh Crescentstar, an elf even older and ornerier than Fragglerock himself, who may be able to break the enchantment placed on his lawn.

Personal Spellbooks


Being a bark-covered book with pages of finely trimmed and intricately interwoven grass, bound with the fur of wolverines and clasped with the teeth of same.


  • (1) Charm Person
  • (1) Chromatic Orb
  • (1) Light
  • (1) Magic Missile
  • (1) Protection from Evil
  • (1) Shield
  • (1) Sleep
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