Elmon Lemon

Elmon Lemon


Elmon Lemon was a level 4 fighter. He was renown for his strength, bravery, and various hats.

A mishap with poison lizards in the dungeon below Branog's Cliff resulted in Lemon clawing venom out of his face, leaving him with cool face scars.

Lemon lost all his memories of anything before the 4th week of the Demon Queen's quest. He died three weeks later.


Lemon grew up a farmer's son. At 18, he set out questing for his Grandpa's magic pipe. This pipe was to be given to him by his father, but a wizard in the form of a weasel snatched it away and ran off. Lemon has absolutely no idea what the magic pipe does, and he doesn't think his father does either, but he is going to get that weasel.

Lemon joined the party as they rushed to rescue their charmed friends in Harold the Weakling's tower. Because Brock the Gnome has such short little legs, Lemon carried Brock on his shoulders and sprinted a half hour to the Tower. All of the enemies were already dead or retreating, but it was a pretty good workout. He then became the newest member of Team Newbie, which had an opening following the interesting death of Linnaeus.

Adventures With the Party

Lemon accompanied the party back to Sftabhmontown to try to locate Mumble. The party was invited to a tower where things went kind of poorly. During a fierce duel, Lemon (then an ambitious level 1) turned a tense standoff into a messy fight when he shot a cleric with his bow and arrow. Things went downhill from there. To get out of being beaten up some more, the team promised to liberate the city of Dragonsett in the Stonelands. Lemon will have to help with that.

As the party sailed back to Lonhall to fight the Demon Queen, Lemon followed aboard the Crimson Dreamweaver. He saved Ruddy from drowning, a turtle named Wiggles ate his awesome hat, he saved against death, and he shot a pirate - it was a busy week. The ordeal earned him enough experience to advance to level 3.

Venturing to Huge Red, Lemon spent his share of the turtle wealth wisely. He bought a dragon leather and wolf bone eye patch (despite having both eyes) and caroused his way into jail. The party had to wait around until he was released, but upon reaching Branog's Cliff, he made up for this by showing his prowess with the spear of Narvin. Lemon was finally able to chop-til'-you-drop, and he survived two critical hits and some deadly poison (albeit with some hardcore face scars).

Since then, he impressed some priests at a well so much that they gave the party some water. He also caroused his way into another disaster but resisted being turned into a pig after a fling with a witch.

That Thing with all his Memories, Thralldom, Death and Recovery

Lemon lost all of his memories when he was stung by a demon in Brannog's Cliff. Confused, he asked Ruddy Flynn who he was and immediately developed an unshakeable conviction in the Halfling's trustworthiness. Ruddy told Lemon about the party and its quest, and Lemon guesses he cares about that stuff. Because Ruddy told him he cares, and Ruddy wouldn't lie, right?

Lemon has no real sense of what is going on or who he is.

Level 2 of the same dungeon proved even worse for Lemon. As he broke trail for the party, he was set upon by 6 fire breathing dogs. Despite fighting like a boss, Lemon went down, and then he failed his save against death pretty hard.

Lazlow was really cool and hauled Lemon out, but he had to leave all Lemon's stuff behind. Then Baelfjord was a super nice guy and revived Lemon. This left Lemon in a state of turmoil; he really hasn't been having fun in the Dungeon, but he kind of feel like he owes the Clerics of the party.

Lemon Drops & Lemon's Legacy

After taking a week off to recuperate from death, Lemon returned to the dungeon with the forceful vengeance only a reanimated amnesiac can properly be possessed of. Unfortunately, Lemon died in the heat of a battle with 17 Lizard people and some smoke. His last words were "it's been a blast".

His legacy lives on, as the party still caries his magic Crowbar of Opening (now renamed the Crowbar of Lemon). Every time someone uses it, they all remember that amazing warrior. The women sigh, the men shed a single (manly) tear.

That crowbar rests with Lazlow in the seas of the Stonelands until his emergence upon the Solstice.

Ghostly Shenanigans

After his death, the cleric Baeljford tried to revive Lemon. That spell usually goes awfully off without a hitch. and Unfortunately this instance was no an exception. Lemon's tormented spirit rose from his body, fit for neither the bludgeoning of returning to its mortal coil nor the respite of the afterlife.

Instead, a grim figure in an eye-patch rows a mighty boat made of clouds. He chases his former team mates through the skies, hoping for the respite he was never granted. They have battled the specter once, on a terrible Hallow's Eve, but he remains unvanquished. The ghostly ship splintered into clouds as its oarsmen turned at the sight of a mighty cleric, but it will doubtlessly return with Lemon as he doggedly pursues his former allies through the skies.

Baelfjord, not wanting yet another dodgy "nemesis" out and about, made a journey to the ghostly ship with some friends. The wraith of lemon hissed at Baelfjord, but was immediately destroyed with a simple spell cast by the mighty iron knight.

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