Dwarf Road 8

The last game of 2013, a big group of high level characters and our biggest treasure haul ever!

The Party

Killgore II with ahriman
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
Mumblefluff with Silent X and Benedictish Frankwich
Fragglerock Crucifix
Eric of Rathgaborstein
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Blint The Arbiter with Vax

The Quest

Sven not-dwarf's quest was to bring the party to the king of the gnomes so they could slay him and stop the earthquakes. After weeks of dilly-dallying the party decided to follow his directions and do the deed.

The Dungeon

Raddoh was attacked and hurt by a mimic disguised as a chest before the party could rescue him. We continued to explore, found some gnomes, and routed them into a huge underground cavern with many platforms. We were rushed by a pack of gargoyles while something ominous stirred in the depths. Sheba neatly decapitated the last gargoyle, so that its head landed in Blint's arms, but she fell when a boulder thrown by a giant caused the rocky ledge she was standing on to crumble. Blint tried to rescue her but wound up falling spear-first into the King underground. Raddoh was knocked off the edge but this time Silent X was ready, diving after him and teleporting to safety although this caused Vax to panic. Cleve felled the giant with lightning after it was illuminated by Mumble's arrow and Eric finished off the the old king with his silver mace. Baelfjord used his healing magic to restore Sheba, bringing her back from the brink of death.

While looking for the treasure Ser Cleve became overconfident of the power of his invisibility spell and wound up surrounded by a pack of shadows. He managed to escape after taking a few hits. Eric, Vax, and Baelfjord stood against the pack of 70 shadows and forced them to flee.



Monsters slain

1 mimic
10 gnomes
9 gnomes (some of them flung off a ledge)
12 gargoyles
Ellen Macauder, hill giant
1 giant spirit of the hills, the Moor Maery, king of the gnomes
14 shadows

Each share of experience was worth 1339 exp


Reward given

1 Sapphire necklace

Treasure found

a huge quantity of gems, jewlery, and coins, three scrolls and a potion.
Each share of the loot was worth 9667 sp.

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