Dwarf Road 6 (2013-12-16)

In which we met Sven the not-dwarf, gnomish knight, and his remarkable badger.

“After discovering a lightning trap deep under the Maurmyri—and the death therein of several companions including the famous Elf of the East, Master Boya—the company is divided. The Admiral of the Fleet, bedecked in diamonds won from the Gnomes, calls upon the party: “Get on our boat and sail away”. Still, the Dwarf Raddoh lays plans for another delve, as his distant cousins of Ardstone begin to slowly reclaim the passages explored thus far.

Many questions remain unanswered below the hills: what is the true nature of Gnome-knight Sven's quest? What rumours spread even now among the dark elves of our party? And is there truly a way through the earth to the South, to Ignistrain’s Point and beyond? Perhaps they shall not be answered yet.

Instead, the thoughts of many turn to the Southeast tip of the Stone Lands: Storvaðis, where tales tell of Giants and of the Great Ogre, Giulio, his hands wanted for grisly Dwarf-magic.” - AWB

The Party:

The adventurers journeyed through the dwarf road to the Gnome-King's dungeon. They learned that the dwarfs have begun to expand into the areas of the road that we have cleared. They proceeded to explore quite a lot of level 2 of the dungeon, fighting a doppleganger and some giant badgers before calling it a day and retreating back to Ardstone with their loot.

For the record: Kilgore could walk across that pond.

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