Dwarf Road 3 (2013-11-25)

The Party:
Incredibly Average Joe
Master Boya
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Mumblefluff Silent X
Ser Cleve the Thief Raddoh


The following has been transcribed from a book found in the SSSW Library

Incredibly Average Joe (IAJ) drinks like crazy but lucks out and comes away with nay but a sweet tattoo of a big red button.

The party descends under the Ardstone. Master Boya uses his keen elf abilities to discover a secret hand-print-activated door but upon opening it, they hear something birdlike below and close it with magical intensity. The musical room to the south has an interesting closet.

The floor opens up and Sheba, Kazimera and a mule fall onto spikes below. The floor flips and closes, trapping them below, dead or alive. As the party tries to save their fallen, a group of gnomes attacks from ahead and behind, surprisingly. In his haste to escape a cone of fear, Błażej falls to his death through a trap door.

Schlomo heads down the hallway away from the fighting back the way they came and a stone figure with a pointy hat appears from the stone blinding and incapacitating him. When he awakens he says “Finally someone intelligent. That’s a great hat, is it one of those brain enhancing contraptions?” No wait, he’s just dreaming and still unconscious.

Master Boya masterfully pole vaults across the pit of death, risking his life (somewhat stupidly), and succeeds (somewhat awesomely) in landing on the gargoyles head damaging it and instilling insane amounts of fear into it’s psyche.

After the fight, some of the party argues as they search around a bit. Three of the party opens a springloaded door leading to a brick wall. This act unfortunately squishes IAJ against the wall behind the door to death.

Down the stairs from the room to the north is a cockatrice. The party destroys it easily and proceeds to find lots of treasure in the dungeon surrounding it. After a large fight between the party members and God, they head back to the Aardstone. Some trolls get in their way when returning.

John Baelfjord of Ashburnham, with the help of Schlomo, pours oil all over himself and runs towards the remaining trolls. Explodes into flames due to Mumblefluff’s flaming hands, yells out “I am the sunbringer” and uppercutted him while his fist and entire body was on fire.

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