Diamond Day

This February, don't spend too much time focusing on boring old Candlemas. There is a far more important holiday being held almost right away, a newer, more hip holiday, designed for the people, and it takes place on February 14th.

Diamond Day, named in honor of the innovative creator Geoffrey Diamonds and celebrated upon his birthday, is a holiday intended to allow all the people a day to cumulatively demonstrate their affection toward their loved ones, and show there is still light in this dark, angry world. As a life lived alone is not a life lived, and we should take this opportunity to show any and all people who are special in our lives some appreciation.

The typical way this appreciation manifests is through something called a "Diamond Day Card", which is a small piece of folded parchment with a witty saying printed upon it. The inside of this card has space for one to write a personalized message. These cards are lovingly produced by hand and are available from a small number of authorized Diamond Day vendors. Additional items, such as cookies made by skilled Halfling bakers are suggested as well.

Don't miss out and leave your loved ones feeling cold and jealous at what all their friends receive, buy an authorized Diamond Day Card, today!

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