Deagh used to be a smuggler for the Nine Pirates and the lowest ranked member of their organization. Since then, he has occaisionally worked as a mercenary for the Adventure Guild, been an ally to several dead people, and written a newspaper in his new home of Plaugespar.

Deagh is a powerful sorcerer of famously deadly repute who does not believe in magic or monsters. He has a familiar in the form of a massive raven named Raven.


Deagh joined the Sftabhmonton Adventurers' Club after the late Master Boya had a drunken and short lived affair with his wife. Deagh took revenge on Boya by kidnapping the Adventurers' cleric, beating her up, and stealing the stolen tome of Kazekish the Undying. After the adventurers killed his crew, stole his ship, and threatened him with death, he decided to join them on tentative terms of his choosing.

At one point during his adventures, Deagh became so drunk that the gods decided he was a worthy champion (or rather, they took advantage of him) for their cause of stopping winter from becoming eternal across the Western Isles.


Deagh once went to hell with the party to deliver the immortal soul of the Lord Winter.

He showed the party once and for all that large packs of ghouls were only terrifying when they were not being exploded by a fireball.

Outside the city, he met a pair of frost giants. Deagh did his part in the coming battle by entering a drinking contest with one of the giants, and passing out from severe alcohol consumption.

He was welcomed to the City of the Dead by its lord, Lady Death (or Hel, or Death, or some woman with a bad skin problem, he actually isn't too sure.) That night, he crept into the casino in search of the soul of his departed ally, A. Winston Willoughby. Instead of saving their friend from an eternity in hell, Deagh and Mordeth robbed the vault of the casino. Deagh then bet everything he had in a high stakes game of dice poker against two ghosts, won, then bribed his way out of hell. He fled into the night with Mordeth and Killgore II.

He once spent the better part of a day identifying a giant wall in the Stonelands as being a wall that was both giant, and also made by giants.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Deagh believes he is a martial artist, and that magic is not real. He supports this by using "martial arts techniques" such as "aim of the hawk's eye," "the absent vision of the gullible sucker," "hadoken," and natural phenomenon." These "techniques" are suspiciously identical to the common spells known as "magic missile," "invisibility," "fireball," and "lightning bolt."

Deagh claims that monsters are not real. He explains the existence of monsters by claiming they are vagabonds and giant fish.

Deagh has a tatoo written in draconic that reads "If you can't slam with the best, jam with the rest." He lives by these words.

Deagh has given over 5000 silver worth of treasure to the same con-man that lives in a nameless shanty town in the northern reaches of Kensingset island.

Deagh has spent a literal king's ransom on helping Morden Mordeth summon horrific demonic creatures.

The Captain's Quarterly

Deagh has a journal that he writes occasionally named "The Captain's Quarterly." He uses his journal to further his bizzare agenda of disproving the existence of monsters and magic.

Here is one such journal:

**The Plaugespar Petitioner. Issue 7, Volume 12.

“The Captain’s Quarterly”**

What ho, fair readers? Once more I am here to provide you with my exciting travel logs. You may remember me from my previous exploits as a smuggler and pirate captain. I am sad to announce that those days are over. I have instead entered into the business of adventuring into old and forgotten places where I fight deadly foes and hope to plunder treasures which were meant to be forgotten. My recent promotion to “Captain of Magiking and Such” with the infamous Adventure Guild has left me with a plethora of exciting anecdotes to share. Let’s get started.

This week I wanted to touch on something truly troubling I have discovered on these western islands. Indeed, there exists a darkness that taints the very fabrics of civilization. Lost amidst the lies and propaganda about dragons, vampires, wererats, storm giants, or other such hogwash, is the very real threat of transient individuals. To be more specific, I wanted to talk about those who eke out meagre existences betwixt hordes of rats, or waist deep in our clean and free waterways begging for money.

On a recent journey from the ominously named port town of “Sſtabhmontown,” I was cursed with two run-ins with these types of degenerates. The first we found on the shores of Eagle Island. This small group was so destitute that the only companions who would tolerate these plebeians were rats! Not just a handful of rats either, but rather a whole swarm. I submit, at great risk of any sensible reader disbelieving me (but it’s true!) that these hobos had spent so much time with the rats, that they shared common features with them! I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I witnessed the rat-like snouts and fangs the men possessed. Perhaps if they had spent less time trying to appear as rodents, and more time finding jobs, we wouldn’t have had to kill them all.

More disturbing however, was the poor lost soul named Murphy we found on a quiet cruise to Muddy Needle. This solitary sullen soul approached my ship (The Mighty Rotaran, if you must know) in a vessel made of storm clouds! Yes, you read that correctly, my gentle and sane minded reader; his boat was literally made out of clouds. I would like to pre-emptively answer the most obvious question on your mind: he was in fact too poor to afford a boat made of wood, so he had to make do with natural weather phenomenon instead.

Haha indeed! I know I had a chuckle upon seeing this downtrodden-dope approach us. My laughter turned to pity when the idiot asked us for ten-thousand silver pieces and half of our crew so he might have something to eat. We took the high road of the merciful humanitarian and executed him with a barrage of arrows and ballista bolts while he vainly tried to control the weather.

You’re welcome, civilization.

Signing off,
Captain Deadgh

Carriers of Kazekish's enchanted spellbooks
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