Dana the Dwarf

Dana, Defender of Foxes, Lich Hunter, the Impotent, is a level 6 Dwarf.

Quick facts:

  • Dana usually does 1 point of damage (if any).
  • He is v. interested in different types of metals, esp future-bullet-casings and crow iron.
  • Dana has died and been raised twice.


Dana was born to a poor family of dwarves. Her father was a sailor so wasn't around much. Her mother died when she was very young. Dana essentially grew up alone on streets in a seedy part of town, learning how to fight and take care of herself. She learned on the streets that the only person you could trust was yourself, and subsequently not to think about how others felt. She was eventually taken in by a grumbly old dwarf who owned tavern when she tried to steal from him; he took pity on her and fed her and watched out for her and gave her a job as a serving-dwarf , where Dana learned to protect herself from the unwanted advances of drunken dolts. After a heated argument about stupid teenage things, Dana left on her own to seek fame and adventure. At the time, she had no regrets about leaving the stodgy old dwarf who had taken her under his wing, but he has had a change of heart since being turned into a dude and now he regrets the way she left things.

This is not the gender you are looking for

Dana the Dwarf started out life as a lady, but due to a dungeon diabolism is definitely now a dude. She was very pragmatic, avaricious with her aid. But since encountering that Magical Machination he has had a change of heart, seeking atonement for his past by endeavoring to aid every distressed damsel and despondent dude who seeks help in any form. He focuses on helping his friends first, of course.

Helping Friends in Need

Dana can't resist aiding friends in need; he is also very suggestible, especially if that suggestion includes any kind of plea for help, however infinitesimally minute. He has previously donated large sums of money to Hayzeus the Meek to fund his church, purchased a copy of Bob's Little Book of Learning, and, being a hopeless romantic, attempted to make the fanciest and best engagement ring out of a machine gun shell for Hashtag Goku to present to his betrothed. Dana is also Foredwarf of the dungeon construction mining project under Diamond Tower.


In addition to being completely compelled to rescue people, Dana is pretty bad at it, mostly because he is so weak that he doesn't do much damage. Thank goodness for having a Scimitar +1, or he'd never do any damage to anything ever. History says he's also not very good at jewelry-making or mining. He survived (barely) the battled against 7 Salamanders, only to be slain by poison belched out by the Iron Golem. Thankfully, Baelfjord raised him back to life.

Dana's Designs

Like all dwarves, Dana likes making things. So far she has designed:

Not The End Anymore

While taking a break from the dungeon, Dana went on a solo mission and encountered a damsel in distress, being dragged off by vikings. Dana attempted to rescue the maiden, who turned out to be Sara, Wife of Deagh. It didn't go well, and she was held fast by Osk and sacrificed to call down The Wild Hunt (AKA the Curse of Darkstroll) upon the Band of Monday Night. After largely surviving the Wild Hunt, the party discovered what had happened and Dana was raised (for the second time) by Baelfjord.

The whole business of being sacrificed to call a curse onto his companions has left Dana somewhat… unhinged. Dwarves do not normally trust easily, but Dana no longer trusts anything to do with gods or clerics, especially anything associated with Cernunnos.

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