Crassus Bravebrick
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Crassus Lives in chests aboard the Gazpacho soup, where he plays d&d and carnival games with anyone who wishes to. For 2 silver, he'll hide in a chest and you guess which one he is in. If you guess right, you get 10 silver.

Crassus was a good friend of Buttons, and when he died the quest he was on was taken up by Rosencrantz. Since then, Crassus has been following the party and watching, making sure that Rosencrantz actually follows through. He's also been sleeping in the chests that the party has left behind and empty.


Crassus and Buttons were drinking and adventuring buddies, and when Buttons was killed, he had nothing left to do. Drunk, he wandered into the dungeon at Braynoch's Cliff and spent a few months in a stupor, drunk and living in treasure chests. When Gadzooks began hauling the chests out of the dungeon to make sure they wouldn't interfere with the locate object spell, Crass found himself aboard the Gazpacho Soup. When he first emerged during the journey to Elf Land, he begged Gadzooks not to tell anyone how he lived. Gadzooks did not honor his wish.

Gaming Habits

Within the hold aboard the Gazpacho Soup, you can for two silver:

  • Arm wrestle the dorf to win 5 silver.
  • Chest game: guess which of the 6 chests the dorf is in, win 10 silver.
  • Hold your breath until you can't: hold your breath longer than the dorf for 10 silver.
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