Buttons Crikes is a halfling resident of Huge Red in Lonhall. He's a little self-centered and doesn't like rude people, or those who enjoy lording their wealth over others.

Goings On

Buttons entered a bet while drinking with his frienddwarf Crassus that he would defile an ancient dragon burial site, and bring back a tooth or something to prove it. Crassus insisted he would chicken out due to the likely powerful spirits and magics lingering around such a place, but Buttons insisted. His prophetic dream is to drop a large poop right between the horns atop a dragon skull, to assert the dominance of the superior Halfling race over the dragons and gain free drink for life from Crassus.

He participated in a raid on a manor, where he opened the door for the rest of the invasion force and killed a few people. He was unable to make the Lord of the manor surrender, though, dashing hopes for orchestrating a ransom.

For his short life, he'll be gathering information about how to safely enter and disable magic at an ancient dragon burial site.

Other stuff

He carries a will. If he dies, be sure to read it to distribute delicious loot. Executor of the will should be the highest leveled lawful cleric in the party.

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