Books of Magic

Gadzooks's Wizardly Rec Hall (The Gazpacho Soup, a flying ship currently docked in Huge Red)

Ser Cleve's Library (carried by Cleve)

Title Description
Ser Cleve's Spellbook A deck of playing cards with spells hidden in the design of the pips
Guide to Chirurgery Moldy parchment, smells of vanilla and apples

Books left behind when Cleve abandoned the party

Title Description Claimed by
Buffalo's Spellbook
Euphrenia Stimsie's Spellbook
The Spellbook of Gunnbjørn Rotanson
The Grimoire of Foggle Ignifor A triangular box of beech wood containing 63 pieces of paper
Secrets of Harald the Weakling Bound in oiled sheepskin, set with emeralds Brock
The Grimoire of Fergan Lyrmyr Tattered and torn parchment with blood stain
Recent Advances in Communications with the Outsiders, by Donomagus Bound in dull brown leather
Uses for Titration in the practice of Chromatic Magic Semi-circular cover of clear glass and yellow fur

Cleve's Sea Chest (at Ardstone with Raddoh)

Title Contents Value Description
Morden Hyfeld's Creations - 575
Manifold Powers of… - 575
Libram of Nahouhassen 575
Analyzing… 886
Book of ancient languages

Aruhman's Library (In the bag of holding)

Title Contents Value Description
Aruhman's spellbook
The White Book of Torinburg Instructions for the distillation of necrotica out of lizard folk sweat lynx fur spellbook

Baelfjord's Library

Title Contents Value Description
Buffalo's Spellbook
Book of Vampire Stories 300

Hayzeus the meek's Library

Title Contents Value Description
Invocations from Fascinus Words of the god Fascinus, divine lord of inappropriate innuendo cleric spells
The Holy Word of St. Geoffrey Obtained from the Shrine of Reflection in Pommeville by Hayzeus the meek cleric spells

Mumblefluff's Library

Title Contents Value Description
Spellbook of Kazekish The Undying spells priceless Covers are wood and the pages are dead leaves
Kazekish II (for Mumblefluff the Elf) spells written in blood Covers are thin slate, pages are leather

The Library of the SSSW

Title Contents Value Description
Spellbook of "The Twins" Magic Missile
How To: Deluxe Investments Communications 60
Hunchback & Pitchfork 5
Initial Blood Hunter 20
Island of Horrific Beasts 10
Night of Lobster Leviathin 60
Learned Man, Very Old 50
Moon & Stars 20
Paranoia Genesis 20
Peasant's Dove 10
Return of Devil Gorilla 60
Revenge of Winged Squid 60
Soldier & Harlet 30
Notes on the Species Surrounding Sſtabhmontown work in progress by Nikola the Elf
The History of Sſtabhmontown: Adventures & Fallen Heroes 50 sp work in progress by Nikola the Elf
Red Librum 600 sp a piece of paper
Wellwishing Water and Willful Water 500 sp
The Book of Collected Pacts 100 sp
The Artifice of Harry Roylet 200 sp
Difficulties and Contradictions 200 sp
The Grimoire of the White Garnet Gods
The Unknown Ship
The Book of Nine Stars
History of the Elven Kingdom
Mathematics and Probability
Natural Philosophy of Parborea
The Movement of the Sun, Moons, & Planets

Other books

Title Fate
Fennula's spellbook
The spellbook of the witch that slew A.Winston Willhouby
The spellbook of the necromancer of the ruined church dungeon lost, presumed destroyed
Recent Advances in communications with the Outsiders in Haraold The Weakling's tower
Mushroom Safety in Haraold the Weakling's tower basement
Cyclopedia in Haraold the Weakling's tower basement
Ganglosses in Haraold the Weakling's tower basement
The Grimoire of Fregen Glimy Made of tattered, bloody parchment - stolen from Haraold the Weakling by Silent X, location unknown
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