Bob's Little Book Of Learning

Bob's Little Book of Learning

After Bob became endumbened by the Siren Countess during the events of Things went badly in Mewyrall and attempted theft of Hugh & Dory's boat, Geoffrey Diamonds was remarkably touched by the plight of Bob that he immediately took to work on writing and illustrating a coloring book to help him become a functioning member of society once again. Once the book is published, it'll be a very new and subtle way to have whole generations indoctrinated into thinking the party is rad.

A is for Asdís!

What Inspired Geoffrey?

B is for PUZZLE!

C is for Cat! - Missing Kitty Poster

D is for Don't Die!

E is for... oh.

F is for Fireball! Watch out!

G is for Gadzooks, Help Finish His Spell!

H is for Hell Hound! Yikes!

I is for Investing in Real Estate!

Geoffrey Diamonds Dress-Up Time

J is for Just One More Room!

K is for Killgore (all of them)

L is for LOOT!

The Drunk Cowboy

M is for Mumblefluff

N is for Natural 20! :D

O is for the Ocean! Fuck the Ocean!

P is for Peregrine of the Periphery!

Matching Game

Q is for Questing!

R is for Raddoh the Aviator!

S is for Secret Door!

T is for Trust!

U is for Underground Tombs! Beware what lurks below!

V is for Very. Fucking. Dangerous!

W is for Wraith / Sorry, Rosencrantz

X is for Silent X!

Y is for... wait, is that a yam?

Z is for Zolobachi's Impractical Yam, useless for any and all purposes. Get out of my book, yams!

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