Bob (the skittish) the Halfling is a gentle, kind soul who is motivated by a desire to taste the gourmet delights of the world. He's a disciple of Cernunnos, and good friends with the rest of the Halfling Death Squad, Lazlow, and Geoffrey Diamonds.

He played a crucial role during The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 1, where he continued to man the ballista aboard the Crimson Dreamweaver to kill giant turtles, even as they were smashing the ship to pieces.

He was also endumbened by the Countess Siren in Things Went Badly in Myrwall, which touched the heart of Geoffrey Diamonds and made him write a book to try and help him gain some of his intelligence back.

Bob was subsequently cured of his cursed dumbness and returned to living a healthy and complete life except for the excessive drinking. Bob was recently jailed for drunkenly peeing on, well, everything. The following week Bob burned down a halfling-only tavern outside Huge Red because they refused to let in his human friends.

Bob befriended a big-black-dog named FuckSlayer that he found in the dungeon underneith Braynoch's Cliffs. FuckSlayer, it turns out, is not actually a dog as we know it, but a demon. As a reward for serving chaos and evil Fuckslayer was promoted from an imp to a quasit.

Recently, Bob has acquired mystical halfling powers. Bob's Reality Reversal changes the nature of space and time and makes a big mess of everything, which is great when the group is between a rock and a hard place. Bob also recently acquired an axe known as Stoppelbine, formerly owned by Rickard Vickerson son of some important guy or whatever. Bob was not really paying attention. Anywho, Bob is really looking forward to chopping some limbs off in the future.

Bob is mourning the loss of his dwarf at arms, Dangar, who was taken down by the werewolf formerly known as Rickard Vickerson. Dangar was Bob's longest lasting hireling. Bob is also proud to introduce Hayzeus the Meek the cleric.

Bob currently resides in the tower he and Geoffrey Diamonds constructed in Huge Red. Otherwise, Bob is very good at being the quintessential halfling and staying out of the way of the shit that kills everyone.

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