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Engraved on the haft of this fell implement reads the dream, the prayer, the very invocation of unslakable lust, for blood. The mace will never be satisfied, but it will reward the vicious wielder. Whoever drenches her with a victim's ebbing lifeblood wins +3 on subsequent attacks for the day. She also bestows her hero with the gift (some say curse) of chaos. One try and you will be liberated from your shabby, lawful ways. The thrill of freedom, of mastery over yourself and your destiny will guide your adventurous heart and hand from now on. Savour every drop.

Mukroc Drungo Drungas, the cleric formerly known as Corkum, met Bloodmace in Cargopol, freeing her from the tedium of serving as the ceremonial museum piece in the Sisterhood's temple there (7).

As of Return to Sftabhmontown Bloodmace is believed to be in the hands of the inhabitants of Wickrobe Tower.

Bloodmace's Tributes

By Mukroc's Hand

  • Birch (his sap) of the Sacred Grove of Borlan (10…Bælfjörd's kill)
  • Mælbea∂, Majordomo of the Tower of Harald the Weakling (15…clever back attack)
  • Harald the Weakling (16…coup de grace following Mukroc's successful hold spell)
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