Blackbeard The Extraordinary

Dwarf king of Ardstone, father of Bronzebeard the Average, Copperbeard the Mad and many, many other sons, most of whom have disappointed him.

Blackbeard was impressed when the party returned the body of his son Bronzebeard with a hero's praise. He allowed the party led by Kilgore to visit his halls and accepted Raddoh into his service, charging him with finding his remaining sons. Additionally he gave the party access to his smiths and told Raddoh what must be done in order to complete his air ship. He didn't find out that it was Eric the Cleric who set fire to the tombs of his ancestors in a drunken stupor, and was further impressed when Kilgore reported the death of the ancient spirit of the hills, foe of the dwarves, and granted Kilgore a rather nice necklace as a reward.

Sons of Blackbeard the Extraordinary
Copperbeard the Mad (heir) - Bronzebeard the Average (deceased) - Dirtbeard the Rude (deceased) - Meatbeard the Tepid
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