Bjorn Hears A Nixie

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Bjorn Hears a Nixie

Oh man read on to see how Bjorn gets owned!!!

By: Geoffrey Diamonds

Bjorn was walking through the woods one day when he heard the cry of a delicate womans. Bjron smiled because he thought that meant it would be easy to steal from her because he is a jerk.

He followed the noise & finds a beautiful elf nixie ladie sitting atop a stump near a pond sobbing into her weird little webbed hands. "M'lady", bjorn saluted with a tip of his trillby (which isn't a fedora), "Maychance you will share with me your troubles?"

The elf lady said "You are very kind my pond is drying up and my people will soon die!"

Bjorn thought for a moment & said "Worry not nixiebabe, I will decisively end this." and he left with while whistling and a bounce in his step.

After two days Bjorn returned with a cadre of workmen and the nixie was pleased to see the 10 of them. "You have come to save us." she said.

Bjorned said nothing and motioned for the workmen to start working and they began digging a dtrench to make the pond drain faster, and he stroked he neckbeard * grinned while the nixie lady elf was super pissed. "How dare you!", she would say.

After pond drained Bjorn was surprised and mad to see no other nixies in the pond and no treasure. "Tricksful harlot!" he yelled, "Where is the treasure?"

The nixie smiled sweetly and say "I never say it was this pond."

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