Bilmungr af Spondelag

Bilmungr af Spondelag,

bastard son of the Jarl of Spondelag, cut off from the line of succession, set out to make a name for himself by looting animals, vegetables and minerals in the southern realms. Somehow he got whisked up in the party's quest to kill the Demon Queen under Lonhall and has been killing lizard people ever since. He hopes to gather enough chalices, gem-encrusted doodads, etc. to show up his non-bastard brothers and prove himself the greatest of all of Jarl Frodigi af Spondelag's 17 sons.


Bilmungr was initially skeptical of the party, with its surfeit of fancy elves, weak halfbits, and weird genital-demon. He prayed to his brutal Viking-ish northland gods, "please, give me some action, I'm not making enough money down here." In a vision they responded with a demand: find and sacrifice to us The Golden Pig.

But even though his prayers were not initially fulfilled, he ended up making a ton of money following the party deep down into the sub-fortress levels of the Demon Queen's dungeon, and gained a lot of experience in fighting supernatural and/or gobliny foes, too. He has decided to stick with it, at least if the pay continues to be good.

While imbibing many alcohols and other substances during downtime in Hugered, Bilmungr fell hard for an initiate of the Calnicans, Chandy Dyrsdottir. She's of northern stock too, although she follows the wishy-washy religion of the Calnicans, which Bill thinks is not so impressive. Still, she has these great crown braids, and Bilmungr af Spondelag can not resist a wicked crown braid. As of yet they aren't so serious. But flush with all this adventure-cash, Bilmungr is no doubt likely to begin making probably-inappropriate rom-com-style gestures any day now.

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