Benedictish Frankwich

Benedictish Frankwich

the stoic, feeder of crows, Andronikos, hero of the Calnican order, head of interior decorating, the anti-door

Benedictish Frankwich
The stoic.
The feeder of crows.
The grounded.
Destroyer of the Calnican Order.
Master of interior decorating.
Slayer of monster ™.
The silver Fox.
He who trained with the Amazons.
status: living
class: Fighter. WARRIOR. level: 9
The frontline of battle. Enforcing a strict, anti-tree policy. Egg enthusiast.

Benedictish Frankwich grew up in the town of Flatflower near the southwest coast of Paraborea. A little weird and always kind of scrawny for his age, Benedictish spent most of his time as a young child getting either getting picked on by other children for being small and strange or hating his parents for naming him the way they did. HONESTLY, what parent names their child Benedictish Frankwich?

Anyway, being the unfortunately named child of overbearing parents, Benedictish's parents moved the family out to a manor in the country after young Benedictish came home badly hurt after being roughed up by some of the kids in town. With nothing better to do with his time, the young Benedictish tried to realize his dream of one day being bigger, stronger, and generally more of a badass than the people that beat on him through his whole childhood. He by running, lifting and feats of endurance and honed his mind with books of "science" and lore.

Fast forward a few years and Benedictish built himself into an incredibly strong, wise, intelligent man- fit to be a warrior or a scholar. The major flaw in this plan? Growing up without any other kids around, Benedictish turned out… well… pretty boring. On the whole a very capable guy with no real personality to match.


Since falling in with an eclectic bunch of adventurers, Benedictish finally made some friends! Mumblefluff the elf is still a little…well, a lot scary, but Silent X is pretty awesome. In fact, when out adventuring with Silent X and some of his colleagues, they found The Longsword Tamson which Benedictish accepted the task of carrying.

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