John Baelfjord of Ashburnham

Baelfjord is was a holy crusader of the Sunbringer order from a the land of Ashburnham far to the west. More recently, he has become an exorcist and a pale knight in the order of the forgotten death god, Nagil. He is a steadfast believer of order, and a collector of powerful relics and magic.

Humble Beginnings

After becoming lost at sea, he journeyed across the frozen sea of changing constellations, past the lighthouse of the great bird, and finally made shore on Kensingset island. Destitute and starving, he found employment by Osk The Paladin of the Blood-Talon mercenary group. It was while the Blood-Talons where employed by Harold the Weakling to kill the Cat of Sorvadis that Baelfjord met Mordeth and the Marauders.

The Blood-Talons's employers, servants of Bjorn Felheart, had sent Osk, her wards, and the Marauders to a false lair with the intent of ambushing them with their great Iron Golem. It was in this false lair that Morden Mordeth descended into an abyss filled with foul air and perished. With the help of the Cat of Sorvadis, the Marauders and the Blood-Talons destroyed the duplicitous servants of the Fel-Heart and then destroyed the equally deceitful Cat of Sorvadis.

Inspired by the heroism of the late Mordeth, and seeing an opportunity to advance the cause of the Sunbringers, Baelfjord attached himself to the adventuring party as their new chaplain. Under the de-facto leadership of Killgore II, they moved north to the dwarven fortress of Ardstone where they have been since.

The Iron Prophet

Baelfjord needed the dwarves of the Corebringer Order to complete his commissioned weapon ahead of time. He sought advice from the Norse Smith god, Brokkr. Brokkr shared his secrets with Baelfjord, but required him to man the forge for the last week of the weapon's creation. Baelfjord was successful, but upon leaving the forge, he found he had been changed. His skin was now made of iron, and his loyalties were now tied to those with uncompromisingly iron-clad philosophies.

The Pale Knight

Baelfjord struck a hasty bargain with the ill-favored "The Enchantress" when his allies Corkum and Benedictish were turned to stone. The bargain returned his friends to life, but the debt was that Baelfjord would journey to Brannoch's Cliff and slay the demon queen deep within the labyrinth under the guarded tower. This deal has since turned sour; Baelfjord's allies continually die, wander off to other realities, or join with his sworn enemy (Cleve). Meanwhile, the demon queen grows in power (I guess, maybe). It seems that the sun has set forever on the lost cleric of Ashburnham.

Tier Listing

Baelfjord is ranked in God Tier


Magic Items

Wheede's Wish
An amulet shaped like a scarab that will tarnish itself as a sacrifice to protect its wearer from death magics.

Named after the mage, Wheede Spliffmanne, who was destroyed by the deathly magic of a banshee's scream.

Morden's Burden
An ornately decorated helmet that was once known as Kervar's Bane. The helmet is said to curse its wearer with an extreme lawful alignment fixation, but allows them to sense any nearby chaos as per the spell Detect Chaos.

The helmet was named for the curse and ill reputation it caused Mordeth while he carried it.

Willougby's Weard
A suit of magic plate-mail armour made from the scales of the green dragon Hifflid by the dwarves of Ardstone. The armour is reputed to be incredibly resilient to damage, poison, and allows the wearer to move through tight or nearly impassible terrain with ease.

Willoughby the deceiver was the slayer of Hifflid, and was himself slippery and resilient. It was only fitting that the armour should be named after him.

Deagh's Decanter
A magical decanter of endless water found amongst the treasure of the Bog Elf Party Boat.

Because the nameless decanter was identified by the pirate Deagh, it was named after him .

The Spliffmanne's Splendor
A purple cloak that was found in The Cat's hoard. While the nature of this cloak is not entirely known, this item makes its wearer look incredibly important. It seems to give an unnaturally favorable first-impression, but a horrible unfair reaction afterwards.

The cloak met a hilarious end when Baelfjord gave it to a talking tree who wanted to marry a swan.

It was named after Wheede Spliffmane, who often attempted to use his brilliant charisma to solve the party's problems.

Baelfjord's Expiator

This magic mace was created by the secret dwarven order of The Corebringers of 'Ardstone for Baelfjord. The massive iron mace is imbued with Baelfjord's own righteous power, and has the power to utterly destroy any undead it smites.

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