Apple Pie Tim Bitt

Mr. Bitt is a former employee of a well-known knight who hired him to compose a noble song commemorating that knight's bravery. Unfortunately the knight was not very happy with Bitt's composition. In order to raise the funds to buy a poppy plantation Bitt went looking for other work and wound up serving under Bunn Von Deathtrap the body-builder who was willing to pay him 20 silver per week in return for the following services:

  • provision of music for his extended workouts,
  • follow Bunn around the dungeon playing the sackbut to make him feel like he was in a detective movie,
  • light combat duties.

After a few hours in the dungeon (nobody asked what a detective movie was) Bunn perished under a rockfall and Apple Pie Tim Bitt received a promotion. Bitt plans on using his share of the treasure to hire a real band.

Apple pie and his band perished in The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 7

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