Adonis Bronzeman

"I was heading towards a light. It looked like me. I told myself to go back.
~ Adonis Bronzeman

Adonis was a talented but inexperienced fighter remembered exclusively for his stunning good looks, ambiguous sexuality and numerous brushes with death. His one dream in life was to erect a giant gold statue of himself on Sftabhmontown Beach, where he would tan. Adonis and his faithful henchman, Apollo, were both shot unsexily to death by a goblin riding a bear before he could accomplish this goal.


As Adonis failed to reach even 2nd level his exploits ultimately reduce to his amusing near-death experiences. Of particular note was once seeing his own sexy self as the light at the end of the tunnel, bidding him to return to life and continue his pursuit of sexiness.

Personal Life

Early in his career in Sftabhmontown Adonis charmed a similarly attractive bandit, Apollo Charleston, who accepted Adonis as a mentor in both style and swordsmanship. They shared a tent and artificial tanning ointment.

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